River Access Point - Cockshutt Bridge

458 Erie Ave., Brantford

A popular landing point with recreational paddlers, this river access point consists of a paved laneway leading into and out of this access point and large paved parking lot for approximately twenty vehicles. An existing gradual slope to the water’s edge provides ample space for transport of canoes and kayaks and can act as a staging area near the shallow waters to board or disembark. This location, when used as a launch point, is unique in that it is the only location in Brantford and Paris that offers paddlers a greater than three hour paddling trip.

When participating in recreational water activities, safety should always be considered a top priority. If you are looking to explore the river through curated tours you can check out our local outfitters, Grand Experiences and Grand River Rafting. Local outfitters offer residents and visitors a convenient and comfortable way to participate in a paddling experience, including transportation, safety equipment, guided route maps and a variety of watercrafts to suit all experience levels.

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River Access Point